Mission statement

January 5, 2017

TO: The Northridge, CA community

Mission Statement for YOUNG ISRAEL OF NORTHRIDGE (“YION”):

The aims and purposes of YION as an Orthodox Jewish synagogue shall be to (i) foster a program of spiritual, cultural, social, and communal activity towards the advancement and perpetuation of traditional Judaism; (ii) instill an understanding and appreciation of the high ethical, moral, and spiritual values of being Torah-observant; (iii) promote the social welfare of its congregation and community in keeping with the rules of the Synagogue Committee of the National Council of Young Israel ("NYCI") as embodied in its constitution; (iv) warmly welcome Jews of all denominations to inclusive prayers and classes; and (v) give back to the community through participation in a wide range of charitable endeavors.

To that end, YION shall provide proper facilities for the dissemination of knowledge of the Jewish faith, history, literature, life, and ideals; shall participate in worthy movements and activities that would benefit the Jewish people and help awaken them to their duties and responsibilities as Jews; shall conduct educational and social activities in connection with the celebration of Jewish holidays and observances; shall not promote nor allow any commercialism in connection with the Synagogue or its services; shall promote the welfare of its Members; and shall assist in every way possible the community in which we are located, including distributing charity, offering our homes for meals and shelter, arranging transportation, and giving dignity to the disadvantaged, disabled, and poor.

YION shall strive to be a brilliant beacon of hope, goodwill, and compassion in a world where hate, mistrust, fear, and poverty seem to always dominate the news.

Young Israel of Northridge. 17511 Devonshire Street, Northridge, CA 91325
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