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Synagogue Programs
Young Israel of Northridge offers a daily morning and evening minyon, a religious school, an adult education program and a sisterhood. A mikva, summer camp, and a nursery school are in the planning stage. The synagogue has a campus outreach program, Chizuk, at California State University Northridge, and sponsors Shabbatonin and provides Shabbat hospitality for college students.

The synagogue has a Summer Seed Program in which groups of yeshiva students set up a Bet Midrash at the synagogue and learn with members of the congregation.

An eruv has been established in the north central San Fernando Valley; it encompasses the region enclosed by the Wilbur Wash on the West, the 118 freeway to the North, Bull Creek to the East and the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks to the South. Young Israel of Northridge was a leader in this effort.
For more information on Eruv please go to the full website.

Daily And Shabbot Services
Both morning and evening minyons are offered daily.
Minyons meet every day, morning and evening, weekdays, Shabbat and holidays. Please See "Schedule of Services" at the menu below.

A bereavement minyon at the homes of bereaved families is available upon request as well as a bereavement table at the Shiva house.

Holiday Services
Young Israel of Northridge offers services for all Jewish holidays. High Holiday services are held at the Northridge facility. Tickets are provided to our members at no charge and are available to the community at a reasonable fee. During Succoth, assistance is offered in the construction of succoths.

Religious Education
Young Israel of Northridge has a religious school for boys and girls ages six through fourteen. Individualized instruction programs and tutoring where needed are developed for each child. Bar Mitzvah training is an integral part of the school. Bar Mitzvahs are held at the synagogue. In addition, other programs are held for children including Melava Malkas and outings.

Adult Education
A Talmud class is offered weekly. The synagogue offers a continuing program of lectures by distinguished visiting rabbis and lay people on a broad array of subjects ranging from preparations for Passover to Jewish mysticism. Past speakers have included Rabbi Mendel Kessin, Rabbi Senter, Rabbi Moishe Meiselman, novelist Rhoda Lerman, and Col. Irv Kett.

The synagogue has an active sisterhood affiliated with the Women's League of the National Conference of Young Israel. They encourage Torah learning by sponsoring a lecture series for women. They arrange and organize various fundraising events including Shalach Manos baskets for Purim and a Mother's day brunch. They also sponsor a Bikor Cholim group which prepares meals for homebound members following child birth and other hospitalizations.

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