Young Israel of Northridge Orthodox Synagogue


Membership Enrollment Form

Type of Membership: (Annual Fee)
 Guardian  $1,800 (includes 4 High Holiday Seats)
 Family Membership  $900 (includes 2 High Holiday Seats)
 Single Adult  $450 (includes 1 High Holiday Seat)
 Student Member  $100 (includes 1 High Holiday Seat)
 Associate Member  $360 (does not include seat)

For full paying members of another shul
 Extra Seats (each) $100
 Extra Seats (non-members) $250
 1st Year Family Membership  $350 includes 2 High Holiday Seats
 Please indicate if you do not need seats this year
$  Voluntary Contribution
$  Building Fund Contribution
$  Mikveh Fund Contribution
$  Deposit Paid

If you are unable to pay the total fees now, please enter the number of monthly payment (from today through May):
monthly payments   
Payments can be made by credit card. If you wish to do so, fill out the enclosed credit card authorization form and return it in the envelope provided.
All financial information is strictly confidential.  Please call Bruce Sandler, President, at (818) 402-2218, if you have any special needs.

Young Israel of Northridge. 17511 Devonshire Street, Northridge, CA 91325
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